NHR-JARDS - apply here

Detailed information on different project sizes can be found on the central nhr-webpage

Application for PREP-Projects

  • for getting started with HPC or scalability analysis
  • maximum duration: six months
  • application template (LaTeX, word)

Normal Projects

  • up to 6.0 Mio. core-h per year
  • continuous application possble
  • application template (LaTeX, word)

Large Projects

  • from 6.0 Mio. core-h per year
  • application template (LaTeX, word)
  • application possible four times a year (deadlines 3 months before project start):
    • project start at January 1: deadline October 1 (of the year before)
    • project start at April 1: deadline January 1
    • project start at July 1: deadline April 1
    • project start at October 1: deadline July 1